Is OYO Rooms Really A Comfortable And Affordable Option? Find Out In This Blog

It is a matter of great prestige to site a fact that, the largest literature festival in terms of its scale is the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF). I had been hearing for a long while about the OYO Rooms, thanks to its massive publicity. This time I chose to stay at OYO Rooms, and the nearest one to the venue of JLF was DRS 8586 Haveli, in Adinath Nagar on the JLN Marg.

I was satisfied to hear the price to stay there for a day, which was a nominal Rs. 999. The room which I got was clean, with all requirements which a decent hotel would provide to its customer, plus its location was very posh. I liked the idea of the dining at its terrace, where I ate my breakfast daily! Students d o not miss the free meals, mind you. Haha!! The fresh chilly breeze of winters added to the excitement to visit the Festival venue as soon as possible every day. The best part was that there were choices the hotel gave us at 8am in the morning, starting from Poha, Maggie, Butter/Jam Bread with tea/coffee which made for a great start to the day. There were many other choices, but for those guests who would wait for the breakfast to get ready. I would anyhow ring the reception as early as I woke up— to inform them that I had to leave around 8am every morning, as I did not want to miss on to any sessions with my favourite speakers. The receptionist was kind enough to listen to me, and also sent newspapers to my room to read what they had to say about the big Festival making news in the Pink City!

About first entering my room, I remember how I found red colour pouches provided by OYO Rooms, which had all the necessities, including toothpaste, etc. To be honest, I kept it with me- asking the receptionist if I could, and he kept his smiling face on; while I took it a green signal and didn't ask him again. I could also ask them for help from the venue of the JLF, anytime and they were all ears to help me.

Moreover, the cab facility was provided by the hotel, and when I was about to check out on the 26th January, when the Festival was over; I ticked 5 stars at the cleanliness profile of the hotel. The dinner which I would eat there, had many varieties of vegetables to choose; Shahi Paneer being my favourite of them. I could not resist than ticking it 5 stars as well. I don't know why, but I wanted to come back again to OYO Rooms. I had agreed this to myself, that the next trip wherever I was planning in India, it had to be through this hotel chain only! Overall mine was a memorable trip, and I had long planned to pen down my experiences about Jaipur and without writing about my hotel, it could never be complete!

Here, I would love to share some pictures from the hotel with you. I suggest you to choose OYO as well, and I am sure, you will be happy about this decision.

An Advice: If you are going next year in January'16 to attend JLF, then choosing this hotel would add on to your delight, because the concert and the author's ball is scheduled at Clarks Amer Hotel, which is at a walking distance from OYO Rooms and is on the same road, which is the JLN Marg in Jaipur. Otherwise the venue, Diggi Palace is 7-8 km's from here, which is convenient. You can stay late night at Clarks Amer, buying a ticket for yourself to enjoy the concert without worrying about returning to the hotel. Find the Festival details here, 

World Trade Park is a landmark building to find Adinath Nagar, and the JLN Marg is very famous stretch in itself. In addition, everyone knows Clarks Amer hotel which is on the same road, i.e, JLN Marg. So get ready, to explore, interact and live your dreams at the JLF 2016! Cheers!!

Nearby- Clarks Amer

View from the terrace of Haveli 8586 at night (OYO Rooms)

My room- the black spot  in the picture is my camera's defect :D The room was kept clean!



Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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